There is no angry way to say bubbles


The life of me involves no personal wars as such. Only at the event of stopping my hands from delivering tasty overloaded cheesy nachos to my fragile buds I struggle, as the fat kid inside me just can’t reach a limit for nachos eating. It’s like when you without intention of breaking into song,  sing ‘Mamaaa’, and then having to sing oh-oh-ooohh afterwards  – you just have to go on.  This concerns me, because I feel like I’m destined to be so much more than the girl who over-dosed on nachos. Anyhow, I stumbled upon something that created a war against myself, and in the end, I have acknowledged that I simply can’t win. There is no angry way of saying ‘bubbles’. No matter how hard you try, or the amount of negative thoughts you force through your emotional tubes, it’s an endless battle. There is just no way. Even with a german accent it sounds like an angel sliding off a rainbow. Imagine Kristen Stewart saying bubbles, that would be a great film for one. Secondly, I think it would do her aura good. Another great thing ‘bubbles’ could give to society would be casting a spell on Grumpy Cat, so its ‘Miav’ would be replaced with ‘bubbles’. Just putting it out there.


Annoying things people do in queues.

In a lifetime, we probably spend the amount of years it took us to figure out that Santa isn’t real, on – waiting. That’s like the equivalent of having to watch Kristen Stewart cook rice . What a boost of wasteful discontent to your life. What I dislike most in the waiting category though, is queuing. When I’m queuing I never get that ‘Oh is it my turn already’ voice in my head. A sloth could learn the alphabet in the time it takes to get to your wanted destination after queuing. In addition, I find that some people in queues are like eels who always wanted to be dolphins – so they swim different than the rest of the stream, which ticks off the aura of the stream, and awkwardness like this arises:

… You get the idea. So without further ado, here’s my list of annoying things people do in queues.

1) I had been stuck on third floor at uni for hours, and suddenly just had to cave in a sandwich, before I would be mistaken for the-girl-who-really-has-to-back- one- out, since having an urge for the toilet, and being extremely hungry both looks like you are about to lay eggs. So I gracefully controlled my measures of hunger and got in the sandwich queue downstairs. Suddenly the guy in front – and behind me, realized that they knew each other, and started chatting away while I’m stood there in the middle feeling awkward. I was juggling with the idea of forcefully joining their conversation or letting the guy behind me move in front of me. But I was too hungry for that to be a wise idea, and I didn’t think that he was worthy of taking my spot. I personally think the most strategic move would be for the guy in front of me to move down at talk to his friend, face to face, and not face and awkward looking face and then to another face.

2) When I treat myself to fly back home I always luxuriously take off with Ryan Air. When boarding, they have two queues; One for normal bookings and one for priority bookings. They board people from the priority queue first, and half of that queue has a normal booking, cause totally blanked out the giant fattened blue sign that says ‘Priority only”. It’s like watching a fierce Amercia’s Next Top Model elimination, when these eels are asked to leave the priority queue. Why don’t people just read the sign?

3) I’ve witnessed two old men arguing about who has to put the split-thingie down on the conveyor belt, to separate their groceries. Has there ever been a rule for who has to put it down?!

4) People queuing for rollercoasters talking about rollercoaster accidents. It promptly sizzles a fear on top of my excitement for the ride – which is not a good mix of emotions.

5) People stepping back and stomping on your feet. Dude, it’s quite obvious that there will be someone behind you. – You are in a queue? Same thing goes for people with backpacks.

Check out the giggles for annoying things people do on airlplanes please go to:

How do blind people dream?

We all have those moments where we feel creatively charged, where pellets of ideas devour your brain. Kind of like when boys after a game of ‘Skyrim’ use “I used to be an adventurer like you, then I took an arrow to the knee” as an excuse to get out of stuff. Thinking about the roots of creativity – I first thought that the rise of our creative ideas was of toilet visits. Don’t know if it’s something to do with the physical means of the human body. You know – if something comes in – something must come out. In this case it would be spectacular ideas. It just seems like people always come out from the toilet like “Do you know what I just thought of?!”

Anyway, I came to the conclusion that we can’t all have great ideas such as Disney doing Star Wars, or making inflatable unicorn horns for cats. But when I smash though a great idea, it has usually been something that premiered of the wonders of my unconsciousness. 70% of my dreams consist of underwater adventures with killer whales. (These dreams gradually evolved after visiting SeaWorld last summer). In by dreams I can Expelliarmus Kristen Stewart for being as boring as listening to paint dry if it could speak; “Ehm, just getting there… oh no not yet. I’m still a bit moist… maybe now, aw still not dry”. In my dreams,  I can touch MC Hammer, and phone home like ET.

While you are snoring away, you are on a level of awesomeness with Samuel L. Jackson when he brought “I’ve had it with these motherfucking snakes, on this motherfucking plane” into the world. You world is unconsciously your oyster! This is when these mysterious thoughts came into my head. The reason my unconscious mind can create anything, does probably have something to do with me knowing what everything looks like. So what about blind people? If they have been blind since they were brought in to the world, how do they know what anything looks like? So if they dreamt about a dinosaur trying to paint its house, what would they see? Maybe they can actually create things in their mind themselves, so a dinosaur painting its house could actually look the same as a salmon flapping colors with its tail on a snails shell, and still be the same thing! They don’t give a shit – they just create things as they want them to look like.

Hmm. I just don’t get it.