There is no angry way to say bubbles


The life of me involves no personal wars as such. Only at the event of stopping my hands from delivering tasty overloaded cheesy nachos to my fragile buds I struggle, as the fat kid inside me just can’t reach a limit for nachos eating. It’s like when you without intention of breaking into song,  sing ‘Mamaaa’, and then having to sing oh-oh-ooohh afterwards  – you just have to go on.  This concerns me, because I feel like I’m destined to be so much more than the girl who over-dosed on nachos. Anyhow, I stumbled upon something that created a war against myself, and in the end, I have acknowledged that I simply can’t win. There is no angry way of saying ‘bubbles’. No matter how hard you try, or the amount of negative thoughts you force through your emotional tubes, it’s an endless battle. There is just no way. Even with a german accent it sounds like an angel sliding off a rainbow. Imagine Kristen Stewart saying bubbles, that would be a great film for one. Secondly, I think it would do her aura good. Another great thing ‘bubbles’ could give to society would be casting a spell on Grumpy Cat, so its ‘Miav’ would be replaced with ‘bubbles’. Just putting it out there.


6 thoughts on “There is no angry way to say bubbles

  1. BUBBLES! this boy at school walked up to me and said “Can you say the word bubbles angrily?” so i looked it up and this popped up

  2. Last night at about 2:30 a.m. my dog wanted out. While out she started barking and would not come back in when called. This forced me to chase her around the backyard in my pj’s in the freezing cold. I can definitely say the word Bubbles angrily and I’m pretty sure some of my neighbors can too. Can you guess the name of my dog? 🙂

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