Chewbacca, do the wiggle!

The other night at work, an observation of mine teased my random outlet to suddenly distract me from doing my job. As a waitress I’ve found my imaginary shield (which keeps me from pounding up giggles or annoyance against guests lacking the graces and refinement of civilized life), significantly useful. I must come to admit though, that I wasn’t prepared for this certain incident.

I wanted to grasp my new mission of a table of two with supreme service, so I knelt down in front of the table to seem like a friendly underhuman. As I looked up to take their drinks order, I found myself trapped in a limbo of restrainable giggles and exposed fright. Having punished my brain (with remembering endless refills, check backs, birthday cakes, bills and all that jazz) it had expanded to a level similar to squeezing a bruised tomato with your hand so hard that gooey stuff starts to drizzle down between your fingers. Suddenly my brain expansion poofed like a zit on a 14 year-old teenage boy’s face which resulted in me forgetting all my duties I had stocked up.

My eyeballs tinkled as they witnessed the massive unibrow on this man. Kneeling on the floor his unibrow felt like the dark shadow of Mordor resting over me and it left my tongue paralyzed to mute for a few seconds. I worded an oral combination of chaos which led him to order drinks, but as astonished I was, his voice slow motioned into the sound of Darth Vader under water, and I couldn’t pay attention to anything but his massive unibrow. It was starring right at me, and when I tried to focus on what the man was saying I felt a ghostly lurk from the his one brow and I was forced to look at it. It was like I was in a bewitched trance as each hair transformed into tiny Chewbaccas wiggling. I could nearly feel his millions of brow hairs tickling my face, which caused me to stretch my forehead exceptionally tight to form a bizarre face position. With a confused look I picked up their menus, and walked away while thinking “Big Foot is in town, and he is definitely not going to tip me”.


Do try this at home

The feeling of insignificance is never scheduled or planned for. To me it is frequently the tiny supplements to my daily activities that trigger my pole of annoyance to feeling insignificant. The other day I found myself creatively charged enough to use tape, and got excessively distracted as a little piece of tape kept sticking on to my nail. In a forceful reckless action I ripped the tape of my nail, like slapping a mosquito out of direction.

Bewildered as I was, I couldn’t understand how that little piece of tape could feel just like an insane event of The Incredible Hulk taking a shit on my nail; it felt so heavy and sticky! That sensation pushed me over the edge of fast building fury. It was a perception associated to your toe smashing in to the leg of a table that is placed just for your inconvenience. After this terrifying incident it occurred to me how silly I was being angry at the tape sticking to my fingernail, cause in other ways I guess it’s not really fair to get angry at a hen for laying eggs.

After that extraordinary moment of putting things in to perspective I shadowed myself around a brave shield similar to reading 50 shades of grey in public without feeling awkward. I purposely japped the tape onto my nail again, and ended up repeating my path to anger. I encourage you to try this at home so I can feel less of a dweeb. I wonder if dinosaurs ever got angry at evolution for having petite little arms. At least they didn’t live in a time of infuriating tape clinging to your body parts.