That sneaky Peter Pan

Peter Pan is a tricky fellow.  I actually think he deserves a spot in the superhero catagory for his brilliant forever-child feature, and in the imaginary who’s-power-would-you-have (yes, I still play that) I would definitely steal and seal Peter Pan’s, and never grow up. Just like Peter Pan, my bravery level had an invisible limit line.

I rememember those days when the feeling of a dignified airy blow between toes being something frowned upon. Lots of things have changed since those days. Everyone walks around in flip flops without finding the seperation of toes feeling mysteriously odd. (you have probably aready picked up on that this is not about flip flops. Sneaky mindtricks that came with my brainset) We simply look at things differently in the process of growing up. This incredible notion is not just based upon theories such as backing one out in your diper as a baby without feeling guilty, or getting tongue punched as a teenager without giving a hu-ha about romance. I would just throw myself into things like a dont-give-a-shit-angry bird, just for the sake of it being the first time of doing it. Now, I’m more like a superhero on a Sunday, who discovered the great sensation of cuddleling.

When I think back, I did a lot of crazy things, and the development of the ideas emerged from curiosity and the fact that my dad carries the Homer Simpson syndrome; an urge to challenge your kids to do irrisponsible things.  My brother, sister and I, were challenged to run through the graveyard at midnight cause “we ain’t afraid of no ghost”. I got challenged to eat a spoon chocolate powder which is as horrible as the famously known cinnomon challenge, that makes you mouth feel like Sahara without the eventful view of camels. Holy cow, lots of reckless things went down, and I’m glad it did. Cause when the time for me to wear flip flops came – I was prepared to slide that rubber string between my toes. Just like Peter Pan would never think twice about putting on flip flops.

3 thoughts on “That sneaky Peter Pan

  1. My human read your post and laughed a lot. We said, “Yep, we did those Peter Pan things back in the stone age when I was a kid. No flip-flops though. We only wore shoes on Sunday. Did some crazy things like put a bees nest in an outhouse, put an alligator egg in the hen house, (about drove the hen crazy) and put molasses in dad’s work shoes. Great post.

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