Banana – where did you come from?

“Remember who you are. You are my son and the one true king. Remember…”yep that’s right. Only a quote from Lion King is appropriate for my taking-action-in-thinking-out-loud process. (which will gradually help me get some sort of brain relaxation, I assume.) For Simba to fulfill his destiny to be a king (while my destiny is fulfilled with a simple task of solving out my difficulties with walking properly in rubber shoes,) he needed to remember who he was, and where he came from. Roots are no joke to these lions.

I do agree with this lion theory to finding your true self- it is important to know where your seeds are planted. To humans though, it is less complicated and it doesn’t include bug eating adventures with random safari animals. The longest our roots can take us is; man + woman + love = new root. Whales (yes I will get to the point soon), on the other hand just splurt their ”magic dust” out in the daring blue, and hope they get lucky. Their roots must be just as screwed up and confused as Simba was. The lazy apples takes the prize in the least effort olympics, though. You eat them, plant their seeds – and business is done. That’s a reproducing gold medal right there. Lots of fruits have this glorious feature, but the bananas are left out from this social seed digging circle of life. It is worse enough that they are the unfortunate root of penis jokes and cherished by monkeys.

Where do they come from? This piece of fruit is so mysterious. Do you dig the whole peal into the ground and shazzam; a banana is produced? If the seeds are not produced by the actual banana, where does this humble fruits get its seeds from then? You know. Humans come from humans, whales from whales and the lazy apples from their own seed. I’m gonna give the banana some credit. Today I have officially now been randomly confused by a banana. You sneaky fruit.


5 thoughts on “Banana – where did you come from?

  1. Love your new blog Nanna, however your observations about whales reproduction are slightly wrong. Whales DO fuck. Like fucking animals. And the males are delivering upwards of 400 litres of hot salty whale-goo. Enough to make any male pornstar jealous. Only about 5% actually makes it inside the female though. Makes you wonder why the ocean is salty, yeah? The male whale penis is also known to excite human females. Example:

    On the topic of bananas; its a fruit. The definition of fruit is a structure of a plant that contains its seeds. Just like apples, watermelons and pretty much any fruit. The bananas we can buy in supermarkets are genetically modified to have very small insignificant seeds to make consumption easier. Just like seedless watermelons. The bananaplants are grown from a strain of genetically modified seeds (genetically modified seeds is a huge industry too, ranging from corn to pretty much anything that grows from seeds). In nature bananas have large indigestible seeds, that are spread by monkeys, bird and other animals eating these wild bananas.

    Hope this gives some peace to that poor brain of yours!

  2. Gloe-Ih-Dzeh Gloe-Ih-A-kha-Shi-Da-Nash-Doie-Tso-Be Ah-Jad-Tkin-Jad-Ho-Loni-Ah-Jad A-Woh-Tlo-Chin D-Ah-Cha-Be-La-Sana-Tsah-Jad-Ho-Loni D-ah-Cha-Dzeh Tsah-Be-Lo-Sana-A-Keh-Di-Glini-Be-Lo-Sana-Yil-Doi-A-Kha Moasi-A-Kha-Be-Dzeh Than-Zie-Wol-La-Chee-Dibeh-Yazzie-Jad-Ho-Loni-Ah-Jah-Gah-Dibeh Chuo-A-Kha-Ah-Losz A-Woh-Cha-Dzeh-Tkin-Dah-Nes-Tsa Moasi-Tlo-Chin-Nesh-Chin-Than-Zie-Gah-Tkin-Shush-Shi-Da-D-Ah-Yeh-Hes-Tlo-Chin-A-
    Chin D-Ah-A-Kha Gloe-Ih-Tlo-Chin-Gah-Ah-Jad-Be Gloe-Ih-Tse-Nill-Ah-Losz A-Woh-Gloe-Ih-Tlo-Chin.

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